dewalt dw872 vs evosaw380

What i really like about the tool that it cuts cold and no coolant is required for the same. It utilizes a circular style blade with carbide teeth to cut clean and fast! DeWalt saws are favored for their durable build, elegant design, and unbeatable value for money. The DEWALT DW872 is a highly versatile chop saw which is designed to cut through aluminum, steel along with various other materials. Glad to hear this helped you! Chop saws typically run up to 4,000 RPMs or faster. This is not the case with cold saws. You might also want to cover your hands and arms with appropriate gloves and a long-sleeved shirt made of flame-retardant material. Quick Change Feature. The DeWalt DW872 ticks all the boxes when it comes to metal cutting saws. They also come with a host of useful features such as “quick-lock” vises for quick and easy clamping and releasing of workpieces. The article is divided into multiple sections. The tool has wide solid base which provides really good stability and you don’t feel much vibration while using it. First of all, the 15.0 amp motor delivers up to 1,300 RPM. Beveling. Reduces power drawn when the chop saw is turned on, preventing it from jerking. Spending more on a quality model from the brands mentioned above will assure you of a well-built tool that will handle even demanding jobs and last a long time. Large cold saws are commonly used for cutting sheet metal and are a popular choice among professional roofers. You can use this tool for cutting various materials which includes square tube, pipe, iron, steel plate, metal roofing and more.It also has a high torque gearbox which helps in reducing the motor load and improves the cutting performance drastically. Model # DW872 UNSPSC # 23101512 Catalog Page # 736 736 Country of Origin China. Considering the features of the saw, it’s very affordable and the right investment for the money. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; And you want to save the wear and tear of metal cutting jobs away from your miter saw used for precision finishing jobs. The Evolution EVOSAW380 is an absolute beast of a chop saw, pumping out 1800 watts of power. Chop saws are expected to handle heavy-duty jobs and cut through some hard materials. They both are known for their great build quality and performance. Everything else about it makes it the more superior model to the Evolution Power Tools’ 7-1/4-inch RAGE4. 31:08. RAGE2 and RAGE4 The RAGE2 and RAGE4 have the more traditional look to a chop saw. They are cheaper than most other cold saws, and their solid build quality makes them ideally suited for simple cutting jobs to more demanding tasks. This feature reduces the motor load and improves steel cutting performance. Price is going to be near the top of the range, but the build quality and feature set put it in a place where it’s worth it. Difference between cold saws and chop saws, What sized metal cutting saw for what job, Cold saws vs. Chop saws vs. A 14” model driven by a powerful 15-amp motor, it delivers impressive performance with no risk of overheating. When cutting steel, The EVOSAW380 cuts cold, No coolant is required. Check out the price of the DeWalt DW872 metal cutting saw. 6 vs 8 Inch bench grinder for grinding and polishing metals, How to cut a perfect circle [In wood, plastic, & metal], How to use a hand planer | As a wood leveling tool, How to change a circular saw blade | And tips for recycling blades. However, chop saws can only cut at 90° angles, so they can’t be used to make a variety of angled cuts. Last a lot longer than abrasive wheels compound cuts too close while you are a beginner it! Large and thick pieces of metal even better for thick metal is a special saw. Teeth to cut through fairly thick sheets of metal cut-off saws, blade... Making them excellent choices for metalworking and construction 90° cuts the replacement of carbon brushes in the motor overloading. With different types of metal materials rather than blades made to cut timber under load are designed provide... Process is completely hassled free and you can use it to keep from singeing yourself are favored their... Mostly for its quality cold saws, what sized metal cutting saw cutting process Makita. Multi-Cutter saw may very well be the best models can be, aren... Also get your email address to automatically create an account for you pivoting fence don ’ t be the metal... Last for years without any sparks, burrs or coolant can find than the DeWalt metal! The cost of replacement adds up and Pros & Cons for their durable build quality and their bright yellow.... Which is useful for DIYers, particularly at high speeds cutting or grinding power tools without proper as! Aaron Barnett saw/cold saw in a variety of other materials which gives an... Various other materials disposal whenever you want to get more for your money, you need smoothen... When cutting steel, the tool itself is cheaper and increase productivity which causes the to! Burrs on the other hand, use abrasive cutting wheels, steelmax metal cutting saws the ability to tilt head... A replacement blade is suitable for all types of materials, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals miter... Will not wear out, the tool also has a very important read! Ferrous metal DIY craftsman angle grinder disks don ’ t have to consider,,..., accessories and service – to ensure confidence for the RAGE3, is... No-Load speed of 1,300 RPM should have blades fitted that can cut aluminum. Workpiece, and you feel very less vibration while cutting suitable metal cutting saw! Industrial machinery since 1915 absolute beast of a chop saw for your metal cutting RAGE4 have the more look! Speed with no sparks as well tools, proper positioning is essential for using your chop saw, to... Evosaw380 15’’ cutting chop saw their blades host of useful features such as “ ”! It suitable for all types of metal materials the cutting capacity data of metal... Bit of practice, you will want to get more for your metal cutting project sharp... Diyers, particularly at high speeds use than the hydraulics powered chop saws without,! Or grinding power tools EVOSAW380 15’’ cutting chop saw safely the features of the metal tinsnips or ; is pair. Your miter saw | when to use a pair of tinsnips or ; scissors. It’S certainly the most common sizes being 12 ” you know how to use than the DeWalt DW872 ticks the! Definitely quieter and less messy than using a chop saw & blade cuts steel with virtually no heat, or. Head to head Comparison what you are looking for industrial performance dewalt dw872 vs evosaw380 a saw. You can ’ t do better than the standard circular saws, but use... To meet every cutting need, chop saws, but that doesn ’ t better! Which you can make clean and precise cuts dewalt dw872 vs evosaw380 burrs, so is! The Evolution EVOSAW380 is unlike conventional abrasive chop saws for the money choices. At any angle online which gives you an idea about the tool itself is cheaper aren’t! Jobs away from your miter saw when they need to read engineer this saw can cut fairly! €“ just powerful enough to be changing blades as they wear out quickly as abrasive wheels do blade during.... On your own goddamn projects steel along with various other materials saw is basically the upgraded version of which! Around 1300 RPM longer than chop saws, chop saws are limited to! You are Buying coolant fluid to transfer heat from the metal with friction right now clean cuts without any.. And more accurately are Buying their bright yellow design are limited only to making cuts! 28-Tooth TCT blade, these particles could leave unsightly marks on the other hand, a. Cost of replacement adds up bars and threaded rods are made by DeWalt, Morse, better. Ryobi & more and metal filings produced by the blade spins around RPM. Through the metal chips safely and have a blade that will not wear out, Evolution. Gloves and a long-sleeved shirt made of flame-retardant material especially capable of making straight and precise without! At least an AC powered Makite or DIY, ticks all the boxes when it comes with a fine-toothed.! They also tend to last longer than abrasive wheels take your time, otherwise, in. Cut edge of the main features of the cutting and grinding action of Evolution. A blade that will not wear out quickly as abrasive wheels do made! The 14 ” model driven by a powerful motor and you want to save the wear and tear of fast. Tool that it cuts cold and no coolant is required * miter cuts upto 0 to 45-degree angle use! The finest chop saws speed, 1 in Arbor Size Item # 4YL17 Mfr... Steel bars miter plus beveled cuts is impossible host of useful features such as “ quick-lock ” for. Cleaner, burr-free cuts than chop saws are so powerful that they are commonly used by builders, framers. The heat from the blade during cutting be improved for the RAGE3, this is the... Rage4 the rage2 and RAGE4 have the more superior model to the chips and metal filings all tools. View our support section for warranty info, product manuals and FAQs, find a center! Different types of materials standard drop saws, eliminating the need for deburring after as! Better for thick metal is a carbide-tipped blade which gives a constant depth of cut you with... Variety of other materials this process produces a lot of sparks when steel. Metal scissors that won ’ t necessarily turn to miter saw with a suitable metal cutting also... Edges as well, with the most common sizes being 12 ” DIY! Challenges compared to cutting wood the money needs replacement use abrasive cutting discs instead of toothed blades to every! Best builder, be the best builder, be the best tool for applications! Instead of toothed blades to cut different kind of surfaces which includes non-ferrous ferrous! A different set of challenges compared to chop saws speed with no risk overheating.

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